About us

CZ-Parts is a czech project aiming to supply parts and accessories for CZs to customers all over the world.

We originally started with development of modifications for Vz.58s (www.vz58rifle.com) more than 10 years ago. Just a few years back we decided to supply accessories for other CZs as well

We supply only parts and accessories that Czech legislation allows for export - for that reason we are not able to supply you with parts such as triggers, hammers, safeties, barrels, etc., as those are deemed as main parts of a gun by Czech legislation and thus not allowed for export without further complicated paperwork. Such items are therefore not even listed on our web.

Most of the products you can find on our web is from original CZ production from CZ factory in Uhersky Brod, Czech republic. Despite that, we would like to make it clear that CZ-Parts is not part of CZ Group.

Other than CZ itself, we also cooperate with other manufacturers specializing on aftermarket parts, upgrades & accessories for CZs not only from Czech republic, but also from other European countries. In the description of each product listed on our web you can find information about the manufacturer of the product. 

If you have any question for us, feel free to contact us at info@cz-parts.com. 

About CZ Parts


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