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CZ 600 stocks

You can find here original CZ stocks for CZ 600 models.
Other than stocks, you can also find on our website other accessories for CZ 600
Original CZ accessories✔️ Fast shipping ✔️ Excellent quality✔️

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CZ 600 stock | Lux

CZ 600 stock | Lux

Manuf.: CZ

Expedition: In stock

Price from: 525 $

Original CZ 600 Lux stock.

As CZ 600 comes from produciton in many different variants, it also allows you to easily replace one stock for another. You just have to keep in mind that different calibers have different size of upper receiver.


CZ makes stocks for CZ 600 either from wood or polymer. 

Which material to choose for your model depends purely on you and the intended use of your rimfire. 

The main advantage of polymer stock is lower weight and increased durability in harsh conditions.

Stock extensions

Most of the CZ 600 stocks are fixed. That means that they cannot be folded nor collapsed.

However, even then you can extend the stock length: by using a stock butt pad.


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