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CZ Bren bayonet with holster

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Original CZ army battle bayonet originally designed for CZ 805 Bren but may be also compatible with CZ Bren 2 if barrel is long enough and equipped with bayonet lug.

It is a modular bayonet / battle knife made of high cobalt steel. It has a strong, beautiful curved tanto blade that many consider the best for combat and field work.

The polymer handle has generous grooves and shaping ("bulging") that allow for a very secure grip wet or dry, day or night. By removing the short screw in the bayonet shoe, the shoe, handle and guard can be withdrawn, leaving only the bare blade. This means that the large circular guard with fittings for attaching the shoe to encircle the flash hider can be replaced with a simple guard and plain shoe if required. It also means that when the bayonet needs to be cleaned after immersion in water, it will not hold moisture under the riveted handle causing corrosion.

The CZ 805 tactical knife is made from the latest N690 cobalt steel blend from Austrian steel manufacturer Bohler. Its composition contains chromium, carbon, molybdenum, manganese, silicon and vanadium. The admixture of cobalt in the steel allows for a very homogeneous structure and high hardness, while chromium and vanadium increase the edge retention capability, similar to ATS-55, VG-10 and 440Cl steels.

When hardened to an Rc factor of 58-60, the superfine grain of N690 blade steel provides increased edge retention while maintaining the ability to be resharpened by the user as needed.

At roughly thirteen and a half ounces, the bayonet / tactical knife has a balanced center of gravity to give its tanto tip the inertia to go deep when needed. The 191.5mm blade is long compared to other combat fangs, but this length allows for more general uses such as soldering or chopping. The strength of the tanto blade lies in its strong spine. The bayonet is 6 mm thick, which ensures that the blade does not bend when used and can be used to cut through branches if necessary.


  • extreme quality
  • very rare item
  • used by Czech army
  • factory new

Overall blade length: 317 mm
Blade length: 191.5 mm
Knife length with sheath: 380.8 mm
Width of blade at the top : 6 mm
Weight of knife with sheath : 660g
Knife weight: approx. 420g


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