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Other Springs CZ Scorpion Evo / 3+ recoil spring 125%

CZ Scorpion Evo / 3+ recoil spring 125%

Manufacturer ASCALON ARMS
Product code E3RESP
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Stronger recoil spring for CZ Scorpion Evo and Scorpion 3+. The spring was designed to produce a constant process of recoil force while maintaining reliable functioning of the weapon.

During the shooting, the behavior of the gun is much more fluent because the bolt impact in the backside of the receiver is damped.

This is also relieving the stress from the receiver caused by the bolt impact. The reliable extraction and ejection are maintained by the increased force being situated mainly in the rear portion of the bolt stroke.

The packaging includes nylon cable ties needed for the installation. 

Made in Czech Republic from steel.


  • original Ascalon product
  • made in Czech republic
  • excellent quality
  • factory new


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