Old CZ 75B Kadet magazines: how to make the new mags fit

Time from time someone writes us if we are able to get old CZ 75B Kadet magazines (photo below). 

The answer is unfortauntely not, those are long time gone and unfortuantely we have no way how to get them anymore.

However there is still a way how to get magazines for your old Kadet.

Adjustment of new CZ Shadow 2 Kadet magazine 

The thing is that 99% of the magazine for new CZ Shadow 2 Kadet is identical dimensions as for old CZ 75B Kadet.

There is just a little extra part that is present on new Shadow 2 Kadet models and makes it not compatible with old Kadet models. And luckily, this part can be relatively easily removed. 

Hand file the protrusion

You will need to hand file the protrusion to make it work.

We recommend file little by little to check if the magazine can fit and click with the mag release button.

Once the magazines inside clicks the release button, its enough of adjustment and the magazine is to be used. 

CZ 75B Kadet old magazines - adjustment


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